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Common Grounds: An Exhibition Proposal Using Interactive and Introspective Design to Explore United States Coffee Culture Open Access

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Exhibition Title: Common Grounds: coffee + us.Common Grounds: An Exhibition Proposal Using Design to Explore United States Coffee Culture proposes a design for a highly-exploratory and sensory experience in an exhibition space. This exhibition has been designed for the working professionals of the District of Columbia, as coffee is one of the main components of social interactions and productivity: pivotal to the U.S. working person’s experience. It will take place at the National Museum of American History in the Mars Hall of Business. This location is ideal given the exhibition the museum has already hosted there (American Enterprise), as well as the bountiful collection the Smithsonian Institution has on objects related to coffee culture and economy. Additionally, it is one of the premiere museums in the area – as well as the nation – and is best-suited to discuss the history and culture of coffee within the United States.This exhibition will provide a meaningful experience for those who both adore coffee and those who have never had coffee; it interweaves the stories along the spectrum of coffee experience. It will create connections between people participating in all steps of the coffeemaking process: from growers to sellers to preparers to drinkers. The exhibition strategies will draw on precedents that also connect food/drink to the people that are involved in the creation and consumption of coffee.

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