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Black Male - White Teacher: The Voices of African American Males in a Suburban Middle School Open Access

Black Male - White Teacher:The Voices of African American Males in a Suburban Middle SchoolBecause African American males are being educated in suburban environments where they are not performing as well as their White peers, this study sought to understand how these males make meaning of being educated with primarily White teachers in suburbia and to understand how they perceive their teachers' efficacy and expectations. Therefore, ten African American males participated in semi-structured interviews to inform this discourse. Participants appeared to be in a learning environment with high teacher-efficacy and expectations for their African American male students; however, this study, grounded in Critical Race Theory and conceptualized through teacher-efficacy and teacher-expectation, exposed subtle issues of institutional racism manifested in the form of unconscious perpetrators. The findings suggest that participants have come to compliantly accept their educational environment because it has become their "normal"; however, participants voiced their experiences revealing an environment of unconscious institutional racism which included: stereotyping, unfair treatment, racial profiling, and many other acts of unconscious racism. However, participants demonstrated resilience largely due to active parental involvement. Participants were able to mitigate the inimical environment and meet with a modicum of success. Although the sample size was small and cannot be used to make generalizations, this discourse provides policy makers and instructional leaders with plausible recommendations to contemplate while attempting to alleviate the adverse conditions the participants in this study consistently encounter. If African American males are to reach their fullest educational potential, thus closing the achievement gap, issues of race and racism must be addressed at all levels of government: local, state, federal, and district school boards

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