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An Analysis of Organizational Trust and Communication Effectiveness Open Access

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The relationship between organizational trust and internal organizational communication effectiveness is complex and has been discussed extensively for many years. Prior researchers have long recognized that organizational trust is complex and difficult to study, communicating is one of the most difficult challenges in any business, and one key to organizational excellence is effective communication. However, there was no research in which this relationship between organizational trust and internal organizational communication effectiveness in workplaces with a research context focus on leadership and management was scholarly investigated and results published. The issue that this research addressed is to assess the correlation between organizational trust and organizational communications. The degree of correlation under various conditions was established. This study used a quantitative method approach and three instruments, the organizational trust index, the communication effectiveness index, and the workplace profile index. A validated multi-part 70-question questionnaire was used for data collection. Respondents participated in the research study worked in academia, government and industry. Nearly half of the respondents had roles in management, had doctoral degree or beyond, had master's or specialist's degree, and worked in organizations that had more than 5000 employees. The research findings and conclusions demonstrated through statistical analysis showed that there was a positive correlation between organizational trust and communication effectiveness in workplaces. The degree of correlation was positive and large for each subgroup identified by environmental characteristic of the organizations such as primary business activities, face-to-face/virtual workplace interactions, geographical areas, culture types, and leadership styles. The contribution of this research study can suggest to leaders to integrate effective communication into everything they do in order to achieve organizational performance excellence through understanding the importance of trust and communications, and also to build trust between leaders and followers. The three new frameworks created in this research study that can assist leaders in driving organizational results and creating a successful enterprise are: framework for better understanding of trust and communication, framework for leadership communication effectiveness, and framework for organizational knowledge sharing. Organizational trust and communication effectiveness were the two key elements evaluated in this research study for effective leadership and knowledge management as shown in the framework for leadership communication effectiveness and framework for organizational knowledge sharing.

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