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Comprehensive analysis of end-stage renal disease patient population with a co-morbidity of cardiovascular disease to evaluate discharge outcomes when treated with beta-blockers. Open Access

Abstract of ThesisComprehensive Analysis of End-stage Renal Disease Patient Population with a Co-morbidity of Cardiovascular Disease when Treated with Beta-blockers.Medicare costs for ESRD patients in the United States costs over $30 billion a year. The leading cause of death in ESRD patients is cardiovascular disease which worsens both short and long- term in this patient population. These costs include hospitalization events and prescription drug claims. The majority of the cost resides from inpatient and outpatient hospital events and where the leading category of death is from Arrhythmia/Cardiac arrest at approximately 40% mortality. As a whole in ESRD patient population 53.6% of deaths are from cardiovascular episodes. These cardiovascular episodes are treated with beta-blockers. Previous research describes how beta- blockers can be used as a protective measure for ESRD patients who suffer from cardiovascular events. We propose to isolate an ESRD Medicare Part D patient population hospitalized for cardiovascular events as a primary diagnosis. We used IBM spss software to evaluate the outcomes of the cardiovascular patient population when they were administered beta-blockers. The patients who suffered from congestive heart failure and were treated with metoprolol succinate had a slight advantage than those who were treated with atenolol where they were discharged to go home more frequently than transferred to an extended stay in the hospital. We have also observed in the aging African American male population that they had better discharge outcomes for atenolol. More research has to be conducted in order to evaluate what factors contribute to these findings.

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