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The Modern Day Sanctuary This thesis examines three main subjects: rituals of The Roman Catholic Church, habit-forming behaviors, and monastic lifestyle. All three areas of study have been proven to benefit from mindfulness and meditation. The purpose of this thesis is to use lessons learned in these three areas to intervene in a positive way in the lives of adults, through a constructed environment that promotes healthy rituals and habit. The space selected for design is the Georgetown Visitation convent, an existing space that will be imagined as a sanctuary and meditation center for young adults in the Georgetown area. This thesis intends to create a safe, calm and peaceful environment for young students and young adults to meditate and escape from the busyness of everyday life. Through meditation and study, young adults who visit the designed space will learn the techniques, tools and habits they need to successfully decrease stress and anxiety in their lives. The space will promote regular habits of prayer and meditation so that visitors can find peace. Some qualities that the chosen space will have are: repetitive design, symmetry, natural beauty, and serenity. The sanctuary is targeting young adults in their teens and twenties, specifically Georgetown University students and Georgetown Visitation High School students who are young and eager to find meaning in their lives.

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