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A Framework for Capturing the Hidden Stakeholder System Öffentlichkeit

Managing stakeholder relations and interrelations is critical to program success, yet current architecture frameworks only capture the views of stakeholders not the relationships of stakeholders. By capturing all program stakeholders in a networked view, architecture frameworks would be able to more accurately portray a program's socio-technical system and aid systems engineers in better understanding how and why stakeholders influence their program. With this knowledge, it is anticipated that systems engineers would be able to achieve right-sized stakeholder involvement, promote effective use of resources, and increase the probability of overall program success with the assurance of lasting stakeholder commitment.This dissertation describes the creation of a framework that systems engineers may employ to capture program stakeholders as a system composed of n*(n-1)/2 interfaces where n equals the number of stakeholders. The framework was developed based upon the state of the practice in the fields of Architecture Framework, Stakeholder Analysis, and Social Network Analysis. This new framework was tested by members of a U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition program via a pilot study and then updated based upon lessons learned. The architectural products produced via the refined framework (intended for use by both DoD and non-DoD programs) document the program's stakeholder concerns and illustrate how the stakeholders themselves interrelate over the system's life cycle. This unique insertion of stakeholder analysis and social network analysis techniques into an architecture framework helped fulfill an original intent in the field of Architecture Framework: capturing the entire socio-technical system.

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