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DLX4 Homeoprotein Promotes PI3K/Akt Anti-Apoptosis Pathway in ER Negative Breast Cancer Cells Through Upregulation of VEGFA Open Access

The progression of breast cancer has been linked to a splice variant of DLX4 homeobox transcription factor, DLX4. Our ChIP-on-chip and bioinformatic analysis studies showed that VEGFA is a potential target of BP1, and it is upregulated in cells overexpressing DLX4. VEGFA has been implicated in tumor generation because it stimulates angiogenesis, cell proliferation and migration. This study aims to decipher the functional roles of DLX4 in VEGFA-PI3K/AKT pathways involving in inhibition of apoptosis in Estrogen Receptor negative breast cancer cell lines. Through Quantitative PCR and Western blot assays, we verified positive correlation of DLX4 and VEGFA expression, and their association with the activity status PI3K/Akt pathway in ER negative Breast Cancer cell lines.

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