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Perception is Reality, or Is It? A Case Study of Four Department of Defense (DoD) Procurement Scandals Does Media Coverage Lead to Procurement Reform? Open Access

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The purpose of this paper is to analyze and determine the correlation between media coverage of procurement scandals and subsequent procurement reform to determine if such coverage promotes reform. In this endeavor, this thesis will explore the facts, circumstances, and related media coverage surrounding three historic and one current DoD procurement scandals. This paper will briefly discuss the definition of a procurement scandal and the criteria news media use to determine whether to publicize scandals. It will then present three methodologies for analyzing the correlation between media coverage, scandals, and reform. The facts of three historic scandals will be applied and analyzed to the methodologies to ascertain the correlation between the media coverage and subsequent reform that occurred in those cases. Then, the results and analyses derived from the historic scandals will be applied to a current procurement scandal and used as a tool to predict whether or not reform will occur in the future.

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