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Dynamic Resources Allocation for Business Process Improvement Open Access

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This dissertation presents a dynamic resource allocation approach for business processes as an operation systems improvement approach. The approach aims to increase the utilization of resources and decrease the risk of the idle time, excessive utilization or neglected skills, which will reflect on time efficient system, cost reduction and increased productivity and delivery by regulating resources sharing during run time. The proposed approach is applied to open networks, defined end-to-end structured processes. We represent many-to many relationship between service stations (Tasks) and resourced (Workers) based on many worker lists. Then we applied three models of Queueing theory on a system consisting of two working stations in three scenarios assignments: (a) the workers (resources) are fixed in their assignment to their respective stations, (b) each worker serves respective customers first at station 1 and then moves with the customer to Station 2 completing the service, and (c) the workers can be allocated to both stations and move from one station to another based on a switching parameter we assign. We used a simulation validation for each model and a real life case study of a purchase process example. Process mining was used to extract a real time process model from processing log files. Then we calculated our analysis and built the simulation model.

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