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Knowledge Management Barriers within Hardware Integration and Engineering Teams Open Access

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Knowledge Management (KM) has been globally adopted by many enterprises and small teams to garner the benefits of identifying and organizing intellectual capital and enabling collaboration and innovation. Research and developments within KM is continuous which enhance practices to current users and extending application to new practitioners. The body of knowledge for KM continues to expand with new approaches and methodologies that help secure competitive advantage and increase organizational efficiencies through sharing and reuse. However, hardware integration and engineering teams are subject to unique barriers and KM challenges affecting their approaches and use of tools for KM. This research identifies barriers in conducting KM within Hardware Integration and Engineering (HIE) teams and empirically analyzes the barriers of the four KM pillars: organization, technology, leadership, and learning. HIE teams experience unique barriers to KM which has not been thoroughly evaluated by the existing bodies of knowledge for KM, systems engineering, and engineering management. This research identifies the significant role of KM in systems engineering and engineering management for hardware-based systems.The research statistically evaluates KM barriers for HIE teams that affect the general set of expected benefits of a KM system validated by previous research. Assessments of KM barriers and benefits were elicited from 29 experts of hardware integration and engineering. The assessments were collected using an internet-hosted questionnaire survey as the research instrument. The feedback to the surveys were processed using non-parametric techniques to identify statistical significance of barriers affecting the KM benefits to HIE teams. The results allow HIE teams to establish or adjust their KM system addressing the benefits affected by specific HIE barriers.

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