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The content of the proposed exhibition is about female literary characters that are positive role models in elementary-aged girls' lives. The exhibit is designed for elementary-aged girls and boys. The main focus is on girls, but it is not meant to exclude boys. The exhibit will have illustrations of the literary characters, small amounts of text, and interactives that allow the visitors to experience the positive characteristics that the strong female literary characters exemplify. The exhibition components will be installed in two tractor trailers that travel around in tandem to public libraries. There are activities that accompany the exhibition that take place under a large tent after visitors exit the trailer modules. Under the tent the public libraries will advertise their public programming for local residents, have visitors sign up for library cards, and promote the libraries' presence in the community. The authors and illustrators whose characters are featured in the exhibit will accompany the exhibit at different points in the exhibition tour to sign books, and give book readings. There will also be an opportunity for the visitors to get a book to take home with them.

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