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Exhibition as Format for Sparking Inspiration and Joy: Exploring Issues through Cake Lab, a Science-Based Thesis Exhibition for Adults Open Access

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Through investigations of our society, including our need for joy, how to provide informal learning spaces for adults, how to inspire joy and self-expression, and how to change visitors’ behavior post-visit, this paper explores the question, “how can you inspire adults to express themselves creatively through the medium of a fun, science-based exhibition?” It navigates site, audience, narrative arc, interpretive strategies, and design strategies, from research standpoints, as they apply to the specific case study of Cake Lab, as well as to the whole of exhibition design as a discipline. The lens of this paper is through that of an adult audience, exploring issues such as how the current museum world tends towards a focus on children, particularly in science learning centers. Furthermore, it discusses the importance of the topic of baking science and why an exhibition leading to more people taking up baking as a hobby is a benefit to society.

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