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Fit Theory Into Corporate Sponsorship Toward Charitable Events Open Access

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts are undertaken by companies resulting in social sponsorship of charitable events. Additionally sponsor-event fit theory outlines the importance of the degree of fit between a sponsor and an event. Many previous studies confirmed the sponsor-event fit theory and its connection to sponsorship response, but in the present study, sponsor-event fit and other variables were tested with regard to multiple sponsors of a charitable event. The purpose of the present study is to investigate what affects sponsorship response in a charitable event by examining the sponsor-event fit theory. By reviewing the previous literature, hypotheses were developed and tested using 526 respondents from a mall intercept method. Findings suggest that sponsor-event fit is the most important variable in sponsorship response, and that it also can affect attitude toward sponsorship, which positively impacts on sponsorship response as well. Attitude toward event is another variable that is positively related to sponsorship response. The present study offers insights into how sponsorship management should be performed from the perspectives of both the company and the event organizer.

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