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Parents Involvement in Transition Planning for Their Young Adult Children with Intellectual Disabilities Open Access

Parents of youth with intellectual or developmental disabilities of transition age (14 to 22 years) listed in the 2006 database of The Arc of Northern Virginia (N =61) were surveyed in this nonexperimental descriptive correlational survey to examine their involvement in transition planning for their young adult children. Parental access to information, information parents seek and receive on transition planning and activities, and possible effects of parental involvement in their desires, expectations, and planning of transition for their children is described. The multimode survey designed by the investigator utilized closed questions (quantitative data), and parent comments responding to open-ended questions (qualitative data). Analysis of qualitative data collected from open-ended questions and added comments written on the surveys suggested the following themes: (1) Involvement patterns (2) Level and Adequacy of information; (3) Adequacy of service by schools and agencies; (4) Partnership between schools, agencies, and/or organizations; (5) Hopes, expectations, and concerns for their specific child's future; and (6) Parents' concerns for their children's future and well-being. Data indicated parents preferred information through formal transition planning sessions. Data also indicated a low degree of knowledge and access to information from both school and nonschool sources about postsecondary education in college for children with intellectual disabilities. Bivariate correlations (Spearman rho) suggest parents primarily desired an integrated business environment with full benefits, but expected their children would volunteer for work without pay. Data related to education indicated parents primarily desired and expected general career or vocational preparation and training.

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