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General Aviation Accident Modeling and Causal Determination of Pilot Loss of Aircraft Control Open Access

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Abstract of PraxisGeneral Aviation Accident Modeling and Causal Determination: Pilot Loss of Aircraft Control General Aviation (GA), a subset of the aviation industry, is currently facing a crisis of pilots losing control aircraft while inflight. The crisis is significant enough to warrant a formal petition from the National Transportation Safety Board ((NTSB), 2018) for the prevention of Pilot Loss of Aircraft Control (PLOC). In the formal petition, the NSTB argues that between 2008 to 2014, PLOC accounted for 48 percent of all GA accident fatalities. The NTSB petition also asserts that PLOC is attributed to loss of situational awareness (SA), weather and pilot distraction.This Praxis proposes that PLOC is attributed to the pilot deviation from established procedures, pilot experience, communication breakdown, confusion, human-machine interface and workload in addition to the noted NTSB contributing factors. The purpose of Praxis is therefore threefold: • Develop a GA PLOC accident model to determine the contributing factors that results in PLOC accidents using binary logistic regression analysis of Aviation Safety Reports.• Select 4 random GA PLOC accidents to determine if the model is useful to provide insights as to PLOC preventive measures.• Propose a PLOC mitigation or prevention countermeasure in the form of a personal pilot checklist. This check will be independent from the aircraft checklist but use in conjunction as a pilot supplemental checklist.

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