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  1. Examination of Medicare Part D and the HIV Drug Market

  2. Socio-Economic Status as a Predictor of Sexual Behaviors Among Latino Immigrant MSM and Their Sexual Partners

  3. HIV Infected Cells Have Depolarized Membrane Potentials and Increased Intracellular Calcium Levels

  4. Differential Gene Expression in Primary Human CD4+ T Cells Induced by HIV Nef

  5. Prime, Kick, and Kill: Establishing a Proof of Concept for a Novel Approach to Purging Latent Reservoirs of Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1

  6. Dyslipidemia in the Setting of HIV Infection and Its Management with Statin Therapy Among a Cohort of HIV-Infected Patients in Washington, DC

  7. Closing the HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC) Gap: Examining How the HTC Service Environment Impacts Recent Testing Uptake and the Factors Associated with Routine HTC in Antenatal Care (ANC) Settings Using Nationally-Representative Household and Facility Surveys from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

  8. The Role of ABCA1 in HIV-1 Infectivity

  9. The Role of Origin and Destination Site in HIV Risk of Male Migrant Laborers in India

  10. Same Behaviors, Different Outcomes: The Role of Perceived Barriers and Risk on Sexual and Reproductive Health Practices among Youth in Ghana