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  1. An Examination of Factors Influencing Leadership in Policy Development: A Qualitative Study about Online Textbook Adoption

  2. The Process of Change in Leadership Development: Using 360-degree Feedback to Study the Roles of Reflection, Planning, and Support

  3. Resolution Observatory -- A Mountaintop Environment for Climate Research, Education, and Hospitality

  4. A Leader's Introduction of Rapid and Radical Change into an Organization: A Case Study of Jack Welch and General Electric

  5. Increasing Efficacy of Emergency Departments Through Systems Analysis of Enterprise Architecture: Mitigating the Impact of Technological Change

  6. Experiencing Directed Change during the Action and Maintenance Stages in a “Loose-Tight” Coupled Organization

  7. The Complexity of Leading in the 21st Century: A Case Study of a Successful Charter School in an Urban School District

  8. Patterns and Impact of Litigation for United States Higher Education Institutions in the years 1999-2003

  9. A Qualitative Study of the Experience of Individuals within Information Technology Teams during Transition Using the Kübler-Ross Grief Construct and the Bridges Transition Model