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  1. Readying the Pond: The Experiences of African American Male Leaders in Predominantly White Independent Schools and Their Strategies for Navigating Nonprototypicality

  2. Through the Looking Glass of Complexity Leadership Theory: A Biomedical Case Study in Radical Innovation Leadership

  3. A Correlational Study on the Relationship Between Entitativity and Workplace Satisfaction in an Automotive Setting

  4. The paradox of adaptability and consistency: A case study of balancing processes and mechanisms in the context of episodic change.

  5. Complexity Leadership, Generative Emergence, and Innovation in High Performing Nonprofit Organizations

  6. Social Mechanisms of Team Science: A Descriptive Case Study Using a Multilevel Systems Perspective Employing Reciprocating Structuration Theory

  7. Examining Use of Information Power in the Practice of Strategy Making: A Strong Structuration Case Study

  8. Organizational Memory and Project Development: A Case Study Examining How a Small Business Uses Its Organizational Memory When Making Project Development Decisions

  9. Leaders' Emotion Talk

  10. Intersectionality of Personal and Professional Identities: Portraits of Perception Management, Sustainable Values and Developmental Relationships