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  1. A Correlational Study of the Relationship Between Learner Autonomy and Academic Performance

  2. Exploring Discursive Interaction, Habitus, and Dynamic Co-emergence Among an Agency Leader and Congressional Oversight Committee: A Case Study of Languaging in Practice

  3. The paradox of adaptability and consistency: A case study of balancing processes and mechanisms in the context of episodic change.

  4. Exploring the Dynamic Human Interactions that Shape Social Change: A Case Study of an Antitrafficking Social Entrepreneurial Effort

  5. A Phenomenological Study of Identity Construction among Military Officers Promoted from the Middle Ranks to the Roles of Senior Leaders

  6. Transformational Learning in Health Care Students through International Service in Developing World Environments

  7. Leadership and the Learning Organization: A Case Study of Influence on the Adaptive Capacity of a Financial Services Firm

  8. An Exploration of Significant Leadership Development Factors in Action Learning: A Comparison of Three Action Learning Programs

  9. Exploration of Action Learning and Critical Thinking: A Study of the Critical Thinking Development of Senior Managers

  10. Creating the Kaleidoscope: An Exploratory Study of Chief Diversity Officers' Role in Promoting and Sustaining Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations